PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Slightly more than 6 months ago, George Floyd died under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. His death set off nationwide rallies and ongoing protests, including more than 100 straight nights in Portland.

Monday night, a planned march began at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Dubbed the “Memorial Trail of Lights,” attendees were encouraged to bring 3 candles and dress warm.

As of 10:15 p.m. Monday, the gathering was small and tame. Some people lined up candles outside PPB headquarters and lit them in a demonstration punctuated by music.

In recent weeks, the protests in Portland have been sporadic but destructive.

Protesters rallied outside of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in south Portland late on November 24.

Although the gathering was relatively small in size compared to larger protests that have taken place in Portland, the night did escalate when federal officers exited the ICE facility. One person was taken into custody.

On November 20, two separate groups of people vandalized buildings across Portland Friday night, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

One group of people reportedly dressed in black and wearing spray-painted helmets gathered outside of the Mexican Consulate on SW 12th Avenue before moving through the streets, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Most of those who joined in the destruction had dispersed before officers arrived and no arrests had been made by about 10 p.m.

More than two dozen businesses were vandalized.

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