PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland Art Museum will be showcasing the work of Guillermo del Toro and local stop-motion animation studio ShadowMachine next summer.

Guillermo del Toro: Crafting Pinocchio is coming from The Museum of Modern Art in New York and it gives a look at the work that goes into bringing an idea to the silver screen.

Focusing on the film Guillermo del Toro’s Pinnochio, which comes to Netflix Dec. 9, the Portland Art Museum says that “at more than 8,000 square feet, the exhibition will guide audiences through the creation and collective artistry of del Toro’s work.”

The programs also pay close attention to ShadowMachine, who housed the stop-motion production of the film.

The exhibition opens in June 2023 and will run through September.

Visit the Portland Art Museum website for more information.