PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is on the hook for outstanding credit card debt.

Bank of America sued Commissioner Hardesty after she failed to pay $16,000 in overdue debt and fees. Neither Hardesty nor an attorney representing her appeared in court to settle the suit, so a circuit court judge issued default orders.

Hardesty said she plans to pay and has already reached out to the bank’s attorneys.

“When I ran for city council in 2018, like many working people I was reliant on a credit card and built-up debt,” Hardesty said after the bank filed the lawsuit in November 2021.

“I live alone, without help, and put all of myself into my work at the city. Sometimes that means I neglect to take care of personal matters,” she stated. “I tried to work out a payment plan before with this debt that didn’t work out and intend to pay this off.”

As commissioner, Hardesty approves the city’s budget, along with the rest of the council.