PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Residents in the Kenton neighborhood held a rally against the test program being run by the United States Postal Service.

The program, called “Consolidated Casing,” is supposed to speed up mail carriers and eliminate routes. However, neighbors complained that mail has been arriving late or at the wrong location. It’s also left mail carriers scrambling.

“There’s just a lot more work than there would normally be,” said Willie Groshell of the Oregon State Association of Letter Carriers. “We’re trying to do our best, and we want the people that live here in Kenton to understand what’s happening, so that they can be kind and loving to all the people doing the work here, and have an actual direction to voice their concerns.”

When asked for a response, a representative from USPS said while they could not speak to the protest itself, USPS has “Consolidated Casing at just one Post Office in the State of Oregon. It’s an internal test process we are investigating that has no external customer impact.”

The program is being tested in 65 postal codes across the country.