PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A new generation of Lime scooters will replace their old units in the Portland metro area, the company announced Wednesday.

According to the company, the new fleet of electric scooters is being rolled out as riders in Portland have now made over two million trips since the service launched locally in 2018.

Lime’s local branch anticipates even more scooter traffic is coming in the future.

The new scooters are part of Lime’s Gen4 line and will be equipped with a locking mechanism so riders can secure the vehicles to bike racks and other places. The company said the new additions will “decrease street clutter and promote safety.”

Interchangeable batteries are also one of the fleet’s new features, which Lime said will improve availability of scooters by keeping them in street-ready condition for longer.

Here are the other features riders will see in the new models, according to Lime:

  • Swept-back handlebars similar to bike handles
  • Improved braking system with dual hand brakes
  • Lower center of gravity from a lowered baseboard
  • Double kickstand to keep scooters from being tipped over while parked
  • Larger wheels and an enhanced suspension system designed to ride smoother over cracks and warped pavement

The company said it expects to have fully upgraded Portland’s set of scooters within weeks.