PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Chet Selis didn’t always love to do laundry. But after he took a filming job to document the launch of a laundry service start-up, he became a certified washer on the side to earn a few extra bucks.

“From the moment I did my first bag I was like, oh crap! I can make a good amount of money doing this. So, I took a few bags a day for probably two years,” Selis said.

Loopie Laundry is now in several big cities, including Portland.

The start-up provide bags to customers, who leave their laundry out to be picked up, then returned clean and folded for $29.99 with a 24-hour turnaround.

Eric Lyon is the superhero star of Loopie’s advertisement and the director of operations. He says the convenience factor of Loopie is key.

“If you have the extra income, if you can use that extra time to be with your family or make a good meal or get more work done, it’s a cool opportunity for people to not have to do more laundry,” he said.

There is training and a certification process to become a certified washer with Loopie. After all, customers are sending that bag off with all of their dirty goods.

“It’s a big leap of trust and faith giving your items away to be washed, cleaned and brought back. That’s really different than a lot of the other peer-to-peer stuff,” Lyon said.

He says washers span from those wanting to make an extra buck, to retirees, to stay at home moms and dads. Employees can accept or turn down as many loads as they want.

For Selis, who’s now an operations manager, it’s changed his relationship with dirty clothes.

“I can say I’ve grown to love doing laundry now, and it’s something I previously hated,” he said.

Loopie also has relationships with homeless shelters in the Seattle area, so washers clean blankets and clothes for the people staying in the shelters.

For more information, visit Loopie’s website here.