PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — While talks continue about a potential sale of the house on North Mississippi that’s become a flashpoint for the ongoing unrest in Portland, owners of a vacant lot next door are planning their own transaction.

Owners of the property directly to the north of the so-called “Red House on Mississippi” are now in talks to donate the property to a nonprofit, or non-governmental organization, the Portland Tribune has learned.

The two brothers who own the adjacent property are “planning to donate their lot adjacent to the Red House to a prominent and respected social services NGO with strong ties to the African American community in Portland,” said the owners’ spokesman, John McIsaac.

The potential donation is significant because the land is currently occupied by supporters of the Kinney family, who occupied the nearby Red House for two years after they were foreclosed upon for declining to make payments on their mortgage.

The family enlisted the help of local activists, who have protested predatory lending and systemic racism.

A scattering of tents, some reinforced by wood or sitting on pallets, have sprung up on the property, as signs outside bear slogans like “Land Back.”

The land is owned by Bryan and Colin McLean, who graduated from Grant High School. It actually comprises two lots appraised by Multnomah County for a combined market value of roughly $970,000. They lie at the corner of North Prescott and Mississippi.

McIsaac, the brothers’ spokesman, said they had been planning to donate the property well before the eviction defense arose around the Kinney family. He declined to provide details about the nonprofit or potential plans for the property.

“Finalization of this agreement and a public announcement are forthcoming,” he added. “We can’t discuss any details right now because they haven’t all been worked out.”