PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Six weeks ago the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office rolled out an online crime reporting tool and all indications are that it is so far successful.

Make no mistake: This is not an emergency response substitute. If you have an emergency, dial 911. But this tool will streamline the reporting process for non-emergency crimes in Multnomah County.

A user just needs to go to the site — MCSO My Case Number — and start a new case report. A virtual chat feature will guide a user through the process in filling out the report.

Among the crimes reportable through this online tool are:

• Lost or missing property (excluding prescription medication, firearms, or license plates)
• Theft, with no known suspects (excluding firearms, explosives or motor vehicles)
• Damaged property with no known suspects
• Vandalism to a vehicle
• Theft of vehicle parts (excluding lost or stolen license plates)
• Check forgery or fraud
• Identity theft
• Illegal use of a credit or debit card
• Fraud: Confidence games or scams
• Hit-and-run incidents to property or vehicles (not involving injury)
• Non-custody theft/shoplifting reports (for businesses only)

Also, people can use the tool to add property to a previously reported incident by referencing the original case number.

MCSO spokesperson Chris Leidle told KOIN 6 News the greatest benefit will be for those reporting low-level crimes such as a car break-in. But people can also still call the non-emergency number or file reports in person at the sheriff’s office operations center in Troutdale.

Using this online tool relieves the burden on deputies and the non-emergency line, Leidle said. It also reduces the need for a deputy to take a report in person or over the phone, leaving more deputies available to respond to calls for service.

The Portland Police Bureau has a very similar tool for reporting non-emergency crimes in Portland.

But remember — in a real emergency, call 911.