PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A gathering that started out peaceful ended in confrontations on Sunday night as two opposing groups clashed in downtown Portland.

A group of more than 100 people gathered near the Hawthorne Bridge on the Tom McCall Waterfront for a religious rally to close out the weekend. Our partners at the Portland Tribune reported the event was hosted by Christian leader Sean Feucht.

The rally took a turn as the evening progressed.

After the religious portion of the night ended, heavily armed, right-wing men were reportedly at the event — who then clashed with extreme left protesters on the outskirts of the rally.

The Tribune’s Zane Sparling reported mace was “thick in the air” downtown as fights continued between the far-right and far-left groups. Some used flashbangs and fireworks, while others threatened violence.

People were seen walking around downtown with assault rifles, guns, bulletproof vests and other tactical gear. Some individuals were parading around in all-black outfits. One person was seen carrying around a bat.

We’ve reached out to Portland police to find out how they responded. KOIN 6 News will provide updates when new information is available.