PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland police are investigating an incident where a group allegedly threw a homemade explosive device at a food cart pod on SE 82nd.

The owner of San Thai Cuisine, Tim Turcotte, told KOIN 6 News he thought it was a pipe bomb. Police say it was an improvised explosive device (IED). Bomb technicians showed up at the scene and safely removed it.

Turcotte says that this could have been a disaster, but that he is thankful that no one was harmed. He lives up the street from the food cart and said he was leaving his house Saturday night when he noticed unusual activity.

As he got closer, Turcotte said he saw a couple of people lighting what he thought was a pipe bomb and then throwing it at the food carts, saying that the device bounced off the cart and hit the ground.

“Luckily they hit the food cart and it hit the wick or something because it went out and was just sputtering on the ground … They scooped up their other pipe bombs and took off running down 82nd as I was giving chase towards the cart to come after it,” he said.

Police told KOIN 6 News they looked for the suspects in this area but never found anyone. They say the investigation is ongoing.