PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A new poll of Portland metro voters shows the top concerns are crime and homelessness and most said the region is the wrong track.

The poll from the Portland Business Alliance showed a decided shift in attitudes since 2017. Andrew Hoan, the head of the Portland Business Alliance, said he was surprised by the results.

He told KOIN 6 News the survey makes it clear what people think is wrong with the city. Nearly half said homelessness is the top concern and shared their views on what should be done.

Nearly 88% of voters polled by DHM research say the quality of life in Portland is getting worse. That’s up from 47% in 2017.

Most surveyed support requiring people living outside to instead live in shelters or designated camping sites. And most said downtown Portland was either much less safe or somewhat less safe than a year ago.

Meanwhile, 90% of voters “strongly” or “somewhat” support funding to require police officers to wear body-worn cameras, which Portland is currently beginning to implement.

The poll of 500 voters taken last month includes half Portland residents and half in the tri-county area who don’t live in the city.

There is also growing frustration with the Portland City Council. Of those polled, 81% consider the City Council ineffective in providing public services.

Few Portland voters surveyed said they support the City Council members up for re-election, Jo Ann Hardesty and Dan Ryan.

KOIN 6 News reached out for comment to Mayor Wheeler and the commissioners.

A statement from Hardesty’s campaign said, “What these numbers tell me is that as electeds we need to work together to expand Portland Street Response, increase housing options and clean up our streets. I hear that and I am committed to being part of these solutions.”

Mingus Mapps said, “We need to reduce the number of tents on the street, address rampant crime and support our public safety officers. My office is actively pushing for progress on all of these efforts.”