PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – In a recent effort to fight gun violence, Portland’s Office of Violence Prevention awarded over half a million dollars to small organizations across the city.

One of the organizations to receive the 2021-2022 Gun Violence Prevention Grant is the African Refugee and Immigrant Organization, also known as ARIO, which provides services for kids at risk of gun violence.

They recently received almost $200,000 dollars from those funds.

The group told KOIN 6 News their work focuses on providing for the needs of the community and making sure kids have activities such as summer school, internships and athletics instead of joining gangs.

“First, those in the gang how can we get them out? Secondly, those who have not joined, how can we prevent them from joining?” Abdi Somow, executive director of ARIO, said.

Four other organizations have received grants from the ordinance, passed in April, including: Insight Alliance, Black Men in Training, Healing, Enriching and Learning Purpose, and Ethiopian and Eritrean Cultural & Resource Center.