PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Local government agencies are auctioning off some heavy-duty equipment this week, including a 1978 CESSNA 172N fixed-winged airplane and a 1993 Oshkosh TB-3000 airport fire truck.

The Portland Police Bureau’s former Air Support Unit airplane is currently listed at a starting bid of $129,000. Gutted of its surveillance equipment, the Cessna Skyhawk was previously used by PPB to track down suspected criminals. During its service, the plane saw more than 10,000 hours of flight but is no longer deemed fit for police work.

In February, the Portland City Council approved PPB’s request to spend $1.5 million on a new patrol plane. PPB Sgt. Brian Sweeney told KOIN 6 News that the ait unit has already purchased the newer, replacement plane. In 2022, PPB used its police planes to respond to 2,152 calls for service, resulting in the seizure of more than 100 guns tossed by fleeing suspects.

“Currently, we are waiting for the law enforcement equipment to be installed on the new plane,” Sweeney said. “When the project is complete, and we put the plane in service, the Special Resources Division plans on doing a demonstration of the new equipment. I can’t be certain when that will occur with the many parts required to complete the project, but I am hopeful sometime at the end of the year.”

No bids have been placed on the plane at this time. If a bid is made, the auction will end on Sept. 28.

The Port of Portland is looking to sell its own outdated government service vehicle. The government agency tasked with overseeing the Portland International airport is auctioning off its 1993 Oshkosh TB-3000 airport fire truck.

According to the auction listing, the purchase also includes a 420-gallon tank full of fire-retardant foam. The vehicle was last serviced in May of 2017 and is said to run when jumpstarted.

“Batteries will not [a] hold charge,” the listing reads. “Starts with [a] jump start. Vehicle runs, steers, shifts, and drives around. Generator cranks but did not start when tested, ran fine when last in operation. Passenger-side forward-rear tire was reseated and is holding air but shows cracking on [the] sidewall.”

Three bids have been made on the vehicle so far, reaching the current auction price of $5,150. The auction for the truck is scheduled to end on Sept. 29.