PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – For 12 hours on Friday, a Southeast Portland hair salon will offer free haircuts and hairstyling to anyone who needs it. 

The owners of L&M Hair Studio, Jered and Melody Wikander, said they’ve wanted to hold a free hairstyling event for a long time. With inflation rising sharply and the price of goods increasing, they thought there was no better time than now to help people out.  

“The last thing that people pay for is their hair,” Melody said. “You have these expensive gas prices, rent is just outrageous right now, food is so expensive, when you put all those things together, the last thing that someone is going to pay, $50 to $100 for is to get their hair done.” 

Photo courtesy L&M Hair Salon

Melody fell in love with hair styling at a young age. One thing that drew her to it was the way a great hairstyle could not only transform someone’s look — but their confidence as well. 

She’s hoping this event can send some people’s confidence through the roof by giving them a hairstyle they feel comfortable in without spending a penny. 

“We’re all really doing this because we really, really want to help, so this is a judgment-free zone. Come in and we’ll take care of you,” she said. 

There will be five people on staff during the day and people will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For natural or textured hair, guests will be able to choose from a handful of styles like two braids, ponytails and up to four braids with added hair. 

The salon is also bringing in a barber for shorter haircuts. They will be able to work with all hair types. 

Visitors are asked to have their hair washed, dried and detangled before arriving, but if this isn’t possible, the salon will also wash and condition people’s hair for free. 

Photo courtesy L&M Hair Salon

“The stylists, they’re already in a position where they serve the community,” Jered said. “I think this is just widening the opportunity to allow more people in the community to see the benefit of those services.” 

Melody said she grew up in a family of eight kids and many of her employees at the show know what it’s like to grow up without a lot of resources. She hopes the timing of this event works well for parents and kids as they’re just starting summer break. 

Anyone hoping to contribute to the cause is welcome to make a donation on GoFundMe. People receiving haircuts and styles are also welcome to The Wikanders said L&M Hair Studio plans to use the money to host educational classes to teach people how to properly care for their hair and how to teach parents of children of color to care for and style their kids’ hair. 

L&M Hair Salon is located in Portland’s Mall 205 at 1010 SE 96th Ave. The event runs 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, June 24.