PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – After being closed due to road construction, Portland’s smallest treasure, Mill Park, is back and back open to the public.

Portland Parks & Recreation said that since the Better Naito Forever project is nearly complete, it can now reopen the park, which got a refreshed design during the construction and moved a whopping six inches west from its previous location (quite the move for such a small park!) 

The park has a new cloverleaf park border and a new official park sign. 

“In Portland, we’ve long embraced the quirky, creative spirit that drives our city,” Portland Parks Commissioner Carmen Rubio said in a statement. “Mill Ends Park embodies that spirit.” 

Portland Parks & Recreation plans to hold a small dedication ceremony in the near future. It says the event will be “the world’s smallest ribbon-cutting, at the world’s smallest park.” 

Mill Ends Park is located in the median strip of Southwest Naito Parkway in downtown Portland. The park is about 2 feet in diameter and has a total area of 452 square inches. The park has its own weeding and watering schedule, under the purview of Portland Parks & Recreation’s downtown maintenance team. It became an official city park in 1976. A leprechaun family is rumored to live in the park.