PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — On Oct. 13, the Jewish Music Fest will be held at the Pioneer Courthouse Square in celebration of a new era for the Portland Jewish community and the upcoming holiday Sukkot.

The event is produced by Jewish Oasis, a retail store, information and community engagement center that serves Portland’s Jewish Community. This new center evolved from the original center called the Everything Jewish Chabad.

Two years ago, though, Southwest Portland’s Chabad Center for Jewish Life was burned down.

“It was a terrible, terrible situation,” Rabbi Chayim Mishulovin, who moved to Portland about 18 years ago, said. He is the Director of Special Programs at the Chabad of Oregon. “We made a decision that we’re going to come back and tell hate that we’re not going to back off and we’re going to come back bigger and better.”

With community support and donations, they were able to buy a new building.

Mishulovin said the new center’s name Jewish Oasis is representative of what they want to be for the community: a space to inspire and uplift anyone who enters.

“My mission in coming to Portland was to see how to bring Jewish experiences to the public in creative ways,” Mishulovin said. “Right now, we’re really excited about the Jewish Music Fest. We’ve had other music events and stuff, but never on this scale.”

The upcoming fest is also in honor of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. According to Chabad.org, “Sukkot celebrates the gathering of the harvest and commemorates the miraculous protection G‑d provided for the children of Israel when they left Egypt.” The holiday lasts from Sunday, Oct. 9 to Sunday, Oct. 16.

Attendees of the upcoming celebration can expect music, food and family-friendly fun. Children can enjoy activities from face painting to inflatables, and there will also be inflatable obstacle courses for adults.

Of course, Jewish Oasis has food covered as well. They will be partnering with Jewish-Kosher caterer Century Catering.

For entertainment, the 8th Day band founded by brothers Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus will be taking center stage.

“8th Day is a beautiful mix of traditional Jewish-themed music with a very strong, modern take on it,” Mishulovin said. “On the one hand, their messages are spiritual, uplifting and powerful that way, but also very with it for today’s modern music person.”

Although this event is a moment of celebration for the Jewish community, all are welcome to the festivities.

“This is a great opportunity for all of us to really come back and celebrate our city. Whether you’re Jewish or not, whether you live in Portland or not, Portland has so much potential,” Mishulovin said. “I think it’s a great time also for the general community to see, ‘What’s Jewish music? What’s a Jewish holiday?’”

Tickets for Jewish Music Fest are available online for up to $25. One ticket includes access to the family-friendly activities, food and drinks from the catering company, and preferred seating for the concert starting at 6:30 p.m.

The event is on Thursday, Oct. 13 from 5 – 8 p.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square on 701 SW 6th Avenue.