PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A giant sequoia tree that stands between two Northeast Portland homes has created a rift between the two property owners. On one side is a couple who wants to save the tree, on the other are property owners who say the tree has caused damage to their house.

The city’s Urban Forestry Division is declaring the tree a nuisance because the root system is damaging the foundation of a home on a neighboring property. According to the property owners, the home next door is unlivable because of this.

The home has been vacant for three years. The homeowners say they have been working for years with the city, and the couple who is trying to save the tree, to come to an agreement.

“We’re not tree-haters,” said Carole Johnson-Smith. “We love trees, but a giant sequoia tree does not belong right next to a house. It’s just not the place for it, unfortunately. And it should never have been planted there.”

We’re also told that the tree is closer to 70 years old—not 100.

The couple trying to save the tree has lost their appeals.

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