PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A small-business owner is making a comeback after a massive fire took down his shop and three other landmark businesses Oct. 5 on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard.

Evan Shlaes is rebuilding his vintage shop, Really Good Stuff, with a new location just in time for the holiday shopping season.

“Ready or not we’re going to open,” Shlaes said.

Shlaes has been in business for nearly 30 years, and he’s not letting anything — not even the fateful fire that blew the windows off a building — stop him.

“We’re back, literally rising out of the ashes,” he said.

Evan Shlaes celebrates the opening of the new location for Real Good Stuff after fire destroyed its previous location, November 24, 2021 (KOIN)

Now, on the corner of SE 37th Avenue and Division Street, Really Good Stuff is part of the effort to bring small businesses back to the area.

“Division is just jumping, and this is a really exciting neighborhood to be in,” Shlaes said.

Many beloved Portland businesses didn’t make it through the trials of the pandemic either, but signs of life are popping up all around.

“Small businesses are here to inspire,” said Sarah Shaoul, founder of Small Shops Big Hearts. “Not only are you supporting your local community, you score in your own community, because these businesses — they are our tax base, they are the economic engine.”

Shlaes said boutiques like his are what makes Portland, Portland.

Really Good Stuff’s grand reopening Dec. 1, and Thursday through Saturday is the Small Business Holiday Shopping Event in Portland.