Stolen backpack leads to stolen car, ransacked Portland home

Multnomah County

Loyda Mar was just having breakfast when her backpack was stolen from a car

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Last week Loyda Mar was having breakfast with a friend at a Denny’s in North Portland. Someone broke into her friend’s car and stole Loyda’s backpack. There wasn’t any money in the backpack but her car and house keys were, along with a piece of mail that had her home address.

Loyda Mar’s stolen backpack let thieves steal her car and ransack her home in Portland, October 20, 2021 (KOIN)

Loyda, a single mom who works 2 jobs, hurried home with a sinking feeling in her stomach. Her sinking feeling turned out to be accurate. Her car was gone and her house was torn apart. The thief or thieves took everything of value.

“When I came to this country we came with nothing, and so for them to just come into my home and come into my personal space, just throwing my belongings everywhere, to them it doesn’t matter,” she told KOIN 6 News. “To me, it’s everything.”

One of her jobs is at Marquis Piedmont, an assisted living and rehab facility in Northeast Portland. Her colleagues there told KOIN 6 News Loyda has a bright and positive energy. For this to happen to anyone is sad, they said, but it’s crushing it happened to her.

GoFundMe: Help Loyda Mar recover from home robbery

“When Loyda enters the room, the residents smile, they wave, they call her over,” said Sandra Finn, her co-worker and dietary manager.

Loyda called Portland police and filed a report. A few days later they found her car in a remote area in Gresham completely stripped inside and out.

Thieves stole and stripped Loyda Mar’s car from her Portland home, October 2021 (Courtesy: Brittany Spray)

She had just paid off her car. Her co-workers set up a GoFundMe to help her recover. They said there were sentimental items stolen that can’t be replaced, but they want to help the best way they can.

“I’m left with the trauma inside my home,” she said. “I’ve changed the locks in my home so far, but you’re still wondering if those people are going to come back.”

She has two messages. The first is for whoever did this.

“I want them to look within themselves to be able to find what’s missing. I know the pandemic has put a lot of people in a bind but that doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to do this to others,” Loyda said. “So I really hope they are able to put forth that effort in their lives.”

Her other message is for everyone else.

“This is not just at a restaurant. It could be at a church, it could be anywhere. It seems like things are just getting out of control. And so I would like more people to be alert so it doesn’t happen to them.”

Spanish translation for this story by reporter Gabby Urenda

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