PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A popular Mexican eatery is planning to move its headquarters out of Portland following a year full of break-ins.

Tamale Boy owner, Jaime Soltero Jr., said he wasn’t getting much help from the city and wants to find another location that’s centrally located but a bit safer.  

At Tamale Boy, the seasonally changing menu highlights cuisine from several regions throughout Mexico.

Soltero began his business back in 2010 out of a food truck, before opening his first location on North Russell Street.   

“This is where we actually produce all the food for our Dekum location and our Happy Valley location and as well our catering operations,” Soltero said.

Now, more than a decade later, he’s announcing a big change. Soltero said due to a desire to be his own property owner and recent pressures in Portland, he’s starting the search for a new location for his headquarters. 

“Being down here in the thick of things is just getting old of dealing with the same old stuff. Vandalism, breaking and entering, getting dumped on with illegal dumping,” Soltero explained.

Soltero said he reached out to the city about the situation and hasn’t “seen any improvements”.  

“We are running on very thin margins all the time and it’s just heartbreaking every time it’s costing us more and more money just to be here,” Soltero said. 

Soltero said he’s focused on the suburbs for the move. 

“I’m really looking into Tigard at the moment, just because it’s very centrally located for freeway access,” Soltero noted.

While headquarters will eventually move, he says the Dekum and Happy Valley locations will remain open.  

“I love Portland, I think that Portland has still got a future ahead. We are still here, we are hanging on. I know that things will bounce back eventually,” Soltero said.

Soltero said the North Russell location won’t disappear overnight. He said he still has four years left on the lease so it will be a while before he relocates.