PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A panel looking into the actions of the Portland Police Bureau during the 2020 protests listened to personal stories at a virtual town hall Wednesday night.

The panel is focused on how the bureau trained officers for crowd management and how it decided to declare unlawful assemblies and riots.

The review is coming after the Department of Justice found PPB is slipping further out of compliance with a 2014 settlement agreement, due to their use of force at the 2020 protests — which includes instances where police clashed with protesters and fired tear gas.

While some people are open to sharing their experiences, the panel says others may prefer not to.

“We understand people may loathe to share info with us in this very public way, particularly because the events were traumatic. We were vulnerable and we were brutalized by the police with what accountability? Now we’re being asked to be vulnerable again, but what will come?” said independent monitor Nick Mitchell.

The panel urges people to email their experiences to portlandreview@independentmonitor.com if they prefer.