PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — TriMet is considering closing four downtown Portland MAX stops in order to make the Red and Blue lines more efficient.

TriMet said the stops, Kings Hill/Salmon Street, Mall/ SW 4th Ave, Mall/SW 5th Ave and Skidmore Fountain, have low ridership and are close to other stops.

TriMet said closing those four stops would help trains move more efficiently through downtown, shaving the trip between Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson to Old Town/Chinatown by about 2 minutes. 

Each of those stops is only a block or two away from another stop where riders could catch the MAX instead. 

Based on a Title VI equity review, TriMet does not believe closing these particular stop will have a negative effect on low-income or minority populations.

TriMet wants feedback from riders on the proposal before the Sept. 1, 2019, proposed closure date. Share your thoughts via email at hello@trimet.org or call 503.238.7433.