PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland police are looking for a driver who tried to run over a group of pedestrians in a Northeast Portland neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Surveillance video from a home near Wilkes Park shows a pickup truck drive onto the sidewalk and hit at least one of three people walking toward the park.

The truck mowed past the pedestrians, who scattered to avoid being run over, before looping back around in the park. It’s unclear whether any of the pedestrians were hurt.

Javier Gonzales, whose security camera recorded the incident, said he thought someone had been killed the first time he saw the video.

“I looked at it, I rewinded it a few times just out of shock,” he told KOIN 6 News. 

It happened on Jan. 10 at 4:52 p.m. according to the timestamp on the video. 

The truck is a dark silver or grey pickup truck with a canopy. 

“I mean I’ve seen a lot of trucks like that,” Gonzales said. “They are super common.”

Gonzales said none of the neighbors he spoke to witnessed this.

“It really seems like the cameras are the only thing that caught this and the people that actually got hit and the person in the truck,” he said.

Police said they distributed the video to North Precinct officers during roll calls on Monday and Tuesday so they can keep an eye out.

None of the people involved have reached out to Portland police. 

Gonzales said the playground at Wilkes Park is ususally full of kids and there are school bus stops nearby.

“It’s horrible thing that happened but the timing was actually pretty good just that we didn’t have any kids out  here,” he said. 

Watch: Video of truck hitting pedestrians