PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland has its own special version of a British pub thanks to Rachel & Rose, a beer cart with a rooftop patio that was originally a double-decker bus from London.

Owner Ray Maestas already had experience in the restaurant industry after working at Portland City Grill for about 11 years. From the moment Oregon passed the law allowing carts to sell alcohol, he knew he wanted one of his own.

Maestas got the idea to sell drinks on a bus when he saw a similar setup in Northeast Portland.

“We went to a food cart pod, but the double-decker bus there was just selling clothing, and I remember thinking, ‘This would be a lot cooler if it was a bar or food cart,’” he said. “And that’s kind of where it all got started.”

After Maestas searched “double-decker buses for sale” and got in contact with a Salt Lake City man who sells buses, the Rachel & Rose bus made its way from the U.K. to the U.S. via the same port that the Titanic set sail from.

“I worked on it in St John’s for about a year, just pulling all the seats out and building the bar and building all the tables upstairs. [I was] basically watching a lot of YouTube videos because I’ve never done any of that kind of stuff before in my life,” Maestas said.

The bar, which opened in April, is named after the owner’s grandmothers: Rachel and Rose.

“My parents got together when they were in high school and then they both had me super young. I think my mom was 15, so I was being babysat by both of my grandmothers,” Maestas explained.

He takes a lot of pride in knowing that he has built something named after his grandmothers — but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any challenges.

“We had a little bit of vandalism in the beginning,” Maestas said. “Actually, correction: day one. I locked up the bus the very first day, came down, it was completely covered with spray paint. Like oh, okay, welcome to Portland.”

No one has spray-painted it in the months since, thanks to one graffiti artist who said he’d tell fellow artists not to touch the bus.

Now, Maestas says he and his wife Allie have seen an increasing number of customers each month. Aside from the striking red double-decker bus, the locally-roasted coffee, beer and wine are what keep people coming.

Maestas gets his coffee beans from the owner of Tōv Coffee, a double-decker coffee shop in Portland.

“I started serving those beans and a lot of people were just like, ‘These are amazing.’ So I text him up and I’m like, ‘I guess you’re my coffee roaster now,’” Maestas said. “There’s only two people in Portland who carry those and that’s him and I. It smells amazing when he brings them in, too.”

Beer lovers also have some options to choose from. The owner is in contact with local beer reps who ask him what beer he would like to have on tap. Right now is a great time to stop by Rachel & Rose because there are fresh hops beers on tap, but there is something for everyone.

“If you don’t like beer at all, I have a watermelon rhubarb cider and right now, I’ve got Ruzzo Paradise Kick which is [from] a brewery down in Damascus. Instead of fermenting apples for cider, they ferment lemons, limes and pineapples,” Maestas said.

Wine enthusiasts are in good hands as well, because the former Portland City Grill employee took a Certified Specialist of Wine course. Much to Maestas’s surprise, though, the drinks from 10 Barrel Cocktails are pretty popular among customers.

“When you drink a cocktail out of a can, you just assume it’s going to be bad — but they’re all really good,” Maestas said. “I have friends that come in specifically just to drink Mai Tais here.”

Anyone can try Rachel & Rose’s drink for themselves on 770 W Burnside Street.