PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Incoming Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson seems open to the idea of the large sanctioned homeless camps Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler proposed. But she’s not about to send over a check without knowing a lot more about the plan.

The next Multnomah County leader wants people to know she understands the need for accountability for where nearly $200 million of taxpayer money goes each year. The money is supposed to be spent on shelter, housing and help for the homeless.

It’s why she appears to have succeeded in convincing outgoing-Chair Deborah Kafoury to hold off on spending most of the surplus of tens of millions of dollars from the Metro Supportive Housing Tax, the tax on businesses and people with upper incomes.

“As it’s set up right now, we are going to be putting a lot of the dollars into contingency and I think people are OK with that,” Vega Pederson said. “But we will find out for sure on Thursday where everyone is at” when the commission votes.

Although some of the money will be spent right now on rental assistance to help people get in and stay in permanent housing, Vega Pederson wants to wait until January — when she is the chair and armed with more information — to decide where to spend the bulk of the money.

Wheeler wants some of it for proposed large homeless camps. He and Vega Pederson have been meeting weekly, including Tuesday, to go over a lot of questions before investing.

“What is the intent of these camps? What do you see the outcomes being? What is the feasibility of getting these up, in what timeline?” she said. “We know there have been some challenges in getting the Safe Rest Villages up and open on the right timeline. How much is it going to cost?”

As for the partnership between the City of Portland and Multnomah County’s Joint Office of Homeless Services, Vega Pederson wants to know more about their spending, too.

“The first thing I asked of the Joint Office was for them to put together a really detailed budget proposal for me so I could now where plans are right now, where is the money being spent, what are we proposing we do with it,” she said.

The Multnomah County Commission is planning to vote on a request for millions from the Joint Office of Homeless Services on Thursday.

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