PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — There’s a new fitness trend that’s gaining some traction in the exercise industry — it involves a rope and promotes rhythm, timing and coordination.

You may have recently noticed a group of women twirling around ropes outside the Multnomah Arts Center. It’s called Rope Flow, a method of freestyle rope training that incorporates cardio, strength training, martial arts, and dance.

Carrie Craven, who is a functional movement coach, started using Rope Flow with her clients. Wanting to do more with the activity, Craven began organizing free, weekly meetups.

“I decided I wanted to make it a community where everybody can come and have a big activity they can do and meet people of all ages,” Craven said.

Rope Flow engages different muscle groups and is good for improving movement, balance and coordination.

Ellen Voth says she was a client of Craven’s before joining the Rope Flow group.

“It’s really good for flexibility for me and shoulder mobility and for just working both sides of the body because you do it on the right side and you do it on the left side and the rope tells you if you’re doing it wrong,” Ellen described.

Craven says you can do low or high intensity with Rope Flow. The more you do it, the easier the movements will come.

“It basically helps to incorporate both sides of the body and teaches movement patterns where it helps people reconnect and learn a bunch of patterns that make their gait better, make their movement better,” she said.

Interested in trying Rope Flow? Check out Rope Flow Portland’s Facebook group here

All are welcome to come try it out for themselves, Craven said. She has a supply of ropes, even for those who just see it and want to join in.

The Rope Flow group in Southwest Portland meets weekly outside the Multnomah Arts Center. Don’t worry, there is a cover in case it rains.