PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Portlanders, raise your Tofurkey sandwiches and toast your glasses of oat milk because Wallethub recently named the city the best in the country for vegans and vegetarians. 

The personal finance website released its report Monday, just in time for World Vegetarian Day on Oct. 1 and World Vegan Day on Nov. 1. 

Wallethub compared the 100 largest cities in the U.S. across three key dimensions: affordability; diversity, accessibility and quality; and vegetarian lifestyle. Those dimensions were made up of 17 relevant metrics such as the cost of groceries, share of restaurants serving vegetarian and vegan options, and vegan and vegetarian meetups per capita. 

With all the metrics considered, Portland’s weighted score earned it first place on the list. 

The Rose City particularly stood out for the number of farmers markets and CSA programs per capita, where it ranked fourth, and vegetable nurseries per capita, where it ranked fifth. 

Portland did not make the top-5 when it comes to the cost of groceries for vegetarians, the percentage of restaurants serving vegetarian or vegan options or the number of juice and smoothie bars per capita, but still, its score propelled it above the rest. 

According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, about 15.5 million adults in the U.S. are vegan or vegetarian. 

Wallethub points out that the practice is not the easiest lifestyle change to adopt because finding meatless options at restaurants and supermarkets can be a challenge and maintaining a vegan or vegetarian diet can be expensive. 

The study shows that despite these obstacles, there are still many U.S. cities that offer plentiful and inexpensive options for herbivores on a budget. 

Below is Wallethub’s list of the 20 most vegetarian- and vegan-friendly cities in the U.S.: 

  1. Portland, OR 
  2. Orlando, FL 
  3. Los Angeles, CA 
  4. Phoenix, AZ 
  5. Austin, TX 
  6. Seattle, WA 
  7. San Francisco, CA 
  8. Tampa, FL 
  9. San Diego, CA 
  10. Lexington-Fayette, KY 
  11. Boise, ID 
  12. Miami, FL 
  13. Cincinnati, OH 
  14. El Paso, TX 
  15. Plano, TX 
  16. Las Vegas, NV 
  17. Bakersfield, CA 
  18. Washington, DC 
  19. Fort Wayne, IN 
  20. Chicago, IL