PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Maybe you’re thinking about getting a Chia Pet for someone for the holidays. Well, several bags of chia seeds washed onshore near Florence and Newport this week, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department said.

A Shrek Chia Pet as seen on Pinterest, December 2020

Reports came in Tuesday morning that bags of “sludge” were spotted north of Nye Beach. Later, another person spotted a battered shipping container and two bags of chia seeds nearby.

Parks and Rec officials said the seeds aren’t toxic but “they do expand when they come into contact with water.” (That’s what makes a Chia Pet a Chia Pet.)

And they said “at least four bags have sprouted ashore so far.” The department is not sure where they came from.

“The bags were too heavy to move by hand,” ranger Jason Hennessey said in a statement. “We had to cut them up to remove them, or use equipment to haul them out.”

Authorities remind you to pack out all your own trash when you leave the beach. Work with SOLVE to help keep our beaches clean.

No word on if they found any of The Clappers washed ashore.