PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – If your 2023 New Year’s resolution is to find a glass float on the Oregon coast, then it’s time to start planning and strategizing. 

To help float hunters determine when the best time to scour the beach will be, Lincoln City’s Finders Keepers program has already released its 2023 schedule. The schedule shows how many floats will be placed on beaches near Lincoln City and on what dates. 

As the name suggests, the people who find the glass floats on the beach are allowed to keep them. 

The glass floats are blown glass spheres made by local artists. In 2022, Lincoln City said there were 11 glass artists who helped craft the floats that were placed on the beach. 

Some of the artists reside in Lincoln City, but others are based in places like Newport, Astoria, Medford, Grants Pass and Eugene. 

Lincoln City’s army of “Float Fairies” hides the floats across seven miles of public beach from Roads End to Siletz Bay. Floats are placed on the beach daily, but there are days when extra floats are placed on the beach for special occasions. 

The schedule below explains when those special occasions are and how many floats will be placed on the beach. 

  • Jan 7-8, 2023: Opening Weekend: 100 floats
  • February 11-18, 2023: Antique week: 100 Japanese antique floats
  • February 12-14, 2023: Valentine’s Day: 50 Red/pink/white floats
  • March 18-April 16, 2023: Spring break: 200 floats
  • April 21-23, 2023: Earth Day: 50 Earth Day floats
  • May 12-14 2023: Mother’s Day: 50 floats
  • May 27-29, 2023: Memorial Day: 50 Red/white/blue floats
  • June 17-18, 2023: Father’s Day: 50 floats
  • June 23-24, 2023: Casino Anniversary: 28 floats
  • June 24-25, 2023: Summer Kite: 10 floats
  • Sept 2-4, 2023: College Ball: 20 Green/yellow and 20 Orange/black floats
  • September TBD: Celebration of Honor: 50 Red/white/blue floats
  • September 23-24, 2023: Fall Kite: 10 floats
  • October 28-31, 2023: Halloween: 50 Glow-in-the-Dark floats
  • November 23-26, 2023: Thanksgiving drop: 50 floats*
  • December 16-17, 2023: Basketball: 50 red/black floats – Lincoln City said these dates could change due to King Tides. 

Anyone who finds a glass float is asked to call Lincoln City officials to report it at (541) 996-1274. They can also text FLOAT to (866) 943-0443 or visit the registration page to register their find. People who register a glass float will receive a certificate of authenticity and information about the artist who crafted the float. 

Registration can also be done in person at the Lincoln City Visitor Information Center.