PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Lincoln County Emergency Manager Jenny Demaris said they were alerted to the tsunami advisory for the entire West Coast of the United States around 5 a.m. Saturday after an underwater volcano erupted in the South Pacific near Tonga.

They activated their emergency operations team and began public messaging. Fortunately, no significant damage in Lincoln County has so far been reported, though significant waves have crashed ashore all day.

Demaris said when they get an emergency notification like this they check how much area is affected before sending out their messaging. In this case, she said, harbors and marinas were the most impacted.

“Shoutouts go to our public safety agencies, state parks here in Lincoln County because they really had boots on the ground and moved really quickly once they realized what our game plan was going to be,” Demaris said.

“Some people may have their beach home right at the edge, some restaurants, we’ve seen in the city areas, with the tide the water comes right up there. So, yes, those areas, if they are really connected where the ocean water comes right up to them, then yes, they would be affected by that. We did our messaging notification, voice calls, email, text, everything that we have all the way across our entire Lincoln County border.”

Officials want people to stay away from the beaches in the even a sneaker wave comes in.

She said they will be touching base with fire officials and the Public Works department to see if anything needs attention.

Lincoln County has had their distance tsunami notification response protocols in place since 2011.