PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Shilo Inn in Seaside is headed for auction as its owner Mark Hemstreet faces a mountain of debt owed to a California-based bank after facing financial troubles related to more than $20 million unpaid taxes, Willamette Week first reported.

Court records show that a judge has ordered Hemstreet to auction off a number of his properties to repay an undisclosed debt owed to Cathay Bank. The properties include multiple Shilo Inns located in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. Among the properties is Hemstreet’s beachfront moneymaker located at 30 N. Prom in Seaside.

According to a property listing, the Seaside hotel generates more than $1.9 million in net operating income. The property will now be auctioned off by a broker seeking the highest possible price for Hemstreet’s creditors.

“Receiver will exercise his business judgment to determine what offers, if any, to accept to sell either hotel, and will work to maximize [the] value of the hotel for the benefit of creditors of the Receivership Estate,” court papers read.

The Willamette Week reports that Hemstreet, now in his 70s, was born into money as the son of a rich hotelier.