PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Check it out, grommets — as part of an experimental new resource, the National Weather Service is providing new, more-detailed coastal water forecasts for regional areas of the Pacific Northwest. This includes enhanced wave information that will alert you to primo surf.

This new service totally translates technical, difficult-to-comprehend science jargon into more digestible forecasts that include wave height, gaps between swells and direction. So sick.

For example: On Thursday, Coastal waters between Cape Shoalwater, Wash. and Cape Falcon, Ore. are forecast to see 3 to 5-foot northwesterly waves with 11-second gaps between swells. Occasional 6-foot waves will be possible.

“Some users may only be interested in short-period waves because they present hazardous, choppy waves for smaller boats, others may take particular interest in the long-period waves given the shoaling hazards they create near shore, while others may be interested in both,” the NWS stated. “The point is, no two wave systems are created equal, any wave system present may be hazardous or of interest to different marine groups, and therefore we feel we should not ignore them.”

This service is also available in other regions across the country, including areas of California (choice), and a large portion of the East Coast (most excellent). The NWS is asking responsible citizens to review these new hydrological enhancements by providing feedback via an online survey.

“This is an experimental product that is not supported 24/7,” the NWS clarified. “Refer to the operational Coastal Waters Forecast for all matters related to the protection of life and property.”