PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An Arizona woman was arrested in Newport on Tuesday after she allegedly covered the sales floor of a local cannabis dispensary in condiments.

The Newport Police Department released a statement about the incident on Facebook Thursday, saying the woman began throwing condiments inside of a dispensary on the 400 block of Oregon Coast Highway after she purchased cannabis from the store at approximately 3:30 p.m.

“You would think this is where the story ends and the chilling out begins, since dispensaries have customers walk into their establishment every day, make their purchases, smile with anticipation and then leave,” NPD stated. “But this particular incident had a very different and unexpected ending.”

Upon completing her purchase, 42-year-old Ronnie Marie Deleski pulled a small packet of unknown sauce from her purse and began smearing the condiment around the sales counter and throwing it at Medication Station dispensary employees, Newport’s police chief told KOIN 6 News.

Employees reportedly asked Deleski to stop making a mess and leave the store. However, when they escorted Deleski to the lobby, she reportedly pulled a bottle of teriyaki sauce from her purse and proceeded to cover the room with more sauce.

“The woman dug deeper into her purse, producing a bottle of teriyaki sauce, which she then poured on the carpet,” NPD stated. “[She] flung the remaining sweet and tangy sticky contents of the bottle on the walls and furnishings.”

Deleski left the store when the bottle was empty, and was contacted a short while later by a responding NPD officer, who ultimately took her into custody.

“[An officer] informed her [that] she was under arrest,” NPD stated. “She told him she wasn’t, and began struggling with the officer. After a very brief attempt at resisting arrest, the officer took her into custody.”