PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Officers quickly responded to Milwaukie High School on Wednesday searching for a student who reportedly was carrying a rifle.

It turned out to just be an umbrella, police said.

According to the Milwaukie Police Department, they received a report of a person with a rifle inside the school just before noon. The report is said to have come from a student who told school staff.

The person believed to be a threat was described as wearing clothing that was all dark, along with a camouflage face mask and a backpack with a “rifle” attached to it, or sticking out of it.

After assessing the report as credible, staff members called 911 to report the possible threat, and a lockdown was initiated. Police say that two minutes after they arrived on campus, a School Resource Officer located the person accused of carrying the firearm.

However, the item attached to the person’s backpack was a long black umbrella. Police say the umbrella had a silver metal tip, which could have made it look like a gun.

The student with the umbrella immediately cooperated with authorities, according to police.

Milwaukie PD says they, along with school staff, decided to continue with a full search of the school out of an abundance of caution. Once officers determined that there was no threat around 12:30 p.m., the school’s lockdown was lifted.

“The student who initially reported this to school staff was sincerely concerned and absolutely did the right thing under the circumstances,” Milwaukie PD said.

The North Clackamas School District sent out a statement about the perceived threat, saying, in part, that they are very grateful to the student who made the report, and that they “will continue to stress to students the importance of reporting any threats of danger to students or staff members.”

“We also want to acknowledge the fears that a lockdown notification can stir up in our community, and we thank the MHS community for allowing Milwaukie Police to work with school administrators to make sure students and staff were safe,” the district said.