PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — If you’re walking through the Buckman neighborhood in Southeast Portland, then you might find an orange tabby named Andy ready to share her deepest thoughts.

Andy’s owner, Hayley Cassatt, is the one behind the clever or pun-filled sayings displayed on a window. The cat is either napping or staring out the window with a thought bubble behind her saying, “I’m craving a purr-ito” or “The feline is mutual.”

The orange tabby now has more than 2K followers on Instagram.

“[Andy] started sitting in this window behind me that faces the street, and there’s a lot of foot traffic,” Cassatt said. “So, I thought it would be funny if I put some sort of message above her head.”

Cassatt said her father was a cartoonist who loved puns. As an homage to her father who passed, she decided to create something for people to walk by and get a laugh out of.

She also receives inspiration from the internet and from friends to change up the sayings every month.

How has Andy reacted to her newfound fame? She has become sort of a diva, Cassatt says.

“She’s always been kind of a little bit of a grumpy cat. ‘This is my house, not yours,’ sort of deal,” Cassatt said with a smile. “I just love that people get a kick out of it.”

Cassatt first adopted the 12-year-old cat from the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood and advocates for other people to open their homes by adopting a pet.

“I kind of I fell in love with her, and she sort of chose me,” Cassatt stated.

Since adopting Andy, the cat has been featured on the cover of Spot Magazine, along with other honors.

You can find Andy and her puns in Southeast Portland between Belmont Street and Hawthorn Boulevard. To suggest a pun on the window for Andy, click here.