PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Attention bunny lovers — KOIN 6 News has a story for you.

A Portland woman with a background in design and architecture used her time during the pandemic to create mod-looking furniture and houses where rabbits can eat and play.

An elevation bench for a bunny (Stephen A. Miller).

Southeast Portland rabbits Betty and Elvis have free roam of their house. But for some alone time and meals, they have a pretty neat place to hang out.

“We’re excited to introduce the world’s first litter box cover furniture made for house free-roam rabbits,” said Jeni Nguyen, founder of Bink Rabbit Goods.

Nguyen founded Bink Rabbit goods during the pandemic after building a prototype of what she calls a “litter box solution” for life with house rabbits.

“Their water dishes are out in the open and everything, which is great,” … Plenty of room for a rabbit,” she said. “I wanted to come up with a different solution that worked better with my lifestyle and aesthetics and style.”

A bunny litterbox (Stephen A. Miller).

Nguyen launched an online campaign for funding and almost tripled the amount they had targeted. She then began production on the two different-sized models for customers.

Nguyen is an advocate of responsible bunny ownership and says rabbits shouldn’t be left too long in their enclosures.

“This was a creative outlet for me that snowballed into something bigger and the more I dug into it the more I realized it was a really big opportunity and something fun for me to pursue,” she said.

For more information check out the Bink Bunny website, where they offer a free home guide with unique tips for living harmoniously with your rabbit. They also have an Instagram page.