PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portlanders are breathing a collective sigh of relief as rain improves the air quality after an unusually dry and hot start to fall, but a lot of rain following a drought comes with some concerns.

KOIN 6 News talked with the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Transportation to find out what drivers need to know about these slick conditions.

The biggest reminder from both PBOT and ODOT is to slow down because the leaves and oils on the ground combined with the first rain of the season will lead to slick conditions.

PBOT says to check your tire pressure, make sure you have traction tires and don’t forget to turn on your lights. They are also asking people to clear storm drains in their neighborhoods.

“We encourage folks, if you live next to a storm drain, grab a rake, and clear it, it shouldn’t take too long,” said Hannah Schafer from PBOT.

They don’t have enough crews to make it out to every one of those and say clogged drains can lead to ponding and flooding.

ODOT is also keeping an eye on this fall storm, they’re even anticipating the possibility of slides.

“We’re going to get a lot of interesting weather conditions,” said Don Hamilton from ODOT. “Snow in the mountains, rain on the valley floors, there’s going to be some weird conditions out there with the leaves on the ground and even some lingering wildfire smoke out there.”

“We’re always concerned about slides when we get to the first rains of the year,” Hamilton continued. “There are a couple of areas of concern; the Gorge, and the areas out outside of Highway 26 by the Vista Ridge tunnel.”

Some important advice from both ODOT and PBOT: Watch out for cyclists and pedestrians as visibility becomes worse and it gets darker.

PBOT says they have crews on call this weekend if needed.