PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — Last month, a skeleton was found in an empty home in Lake Oswego. But its origin wasn’t as sinister as it may have first appeared.

Authorities eventually confirmed the skeleton was a tool used in school and was not part of a criminal situation.

“What I know is that it was owned by a doctor. It was a training tool for when the doctor was in medical school, so it was legitimately purchased and possessed,” said Lake Oswego Police Sgt. Tom Hamann.

LOPD received a call from construction workers in May who found the skeleton. A medical examiner and anthropologist confirmed the skeleton was not involved in a crime.

“We always try to treat these kinds of situations as if they’re a homicide until we know they’re not,” Hamann said. “Fortunately with the skill and efforts of the medical examiner and the anthropologist and our detectives, they were able to figure out what this actually was. It’s important to dispose of things properly.”