PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – OK, Oregonians and Washingtonians, it’s almost time to give up your studded tires for the season. 

With no predicted snowfall or ice accumulation in the forecast for Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, the states’ departments of transportation have not extended the deadline and drivers will be required to remove their studded tires by March 31. 

In both states, drivers are allowed to begin using tires on Nov. 1 but must remove them by the March 31 deadline to avoid violating the law and potentially facing a fine. 

In Oregon, driving with studded tires outside the permitted dates is a Class C violation and could result in a fine of nearly $200. In Washington, the potential fine is $136 if someone’s caught driving with studded tires on or after April 1.

The Oregon Department of Transportation said damage from studded tires costs Oregonians approximately $8.5 million a year because the metal spikes require roads to be repaved earlier than they normally would be. 

When it rains, water collects in the pavement ruts caused by studded tires and can create dangerous driving conditions. When it’s cold, that water can freeze and make roads more slippery. 

The Washington State Department of Transportation encourages motorists to visit a tire dealer to learn more about stud-free winter traction tires that are legal for year-round use and do not cause as much damage as studded tires.  

If a weather event occurs after March 31, ODOT asks drivers to use other types of traction tires or chains, or to postpone travel plans.