PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — You’ve heard about white water rafting, but what about just white water?

In early September, reports started coming in about a strange occurrence happening in Fanno Creek. The water had started turning white.

According to the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, the spill response team investigated an area near a new bridge at SW Bertha Boulevard where the creek’s water appeared to be an almost milky white.

Investigators reportedly worked their way upstream where they came across the source of the problem: A pollution remediation project. The project was located at a dry cleaner on SW Capitol Highway and they were using a white liquid on site which had made its way down into the creek.

The liquid being used was BAC-9, a non-toxic cleaner used to help remove specific pollutants underground.

City code prohibits discharge to the stormwater system and city creeks.

Once notified, the remediation project stopped its operations.

The investigation is still ongoing but could result in enforcement action against the remediation company.

Environmental Services cleaned the stormwater pipe and deployed a boom, an object that slows water flow and reduces pollutants.