PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With many people looking to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air for Earth Day, KOIN 6 News has put together a list of some of the best hiking spots to enjoy near Portland.

With sunshine and mid-sixty temperatures forecasted for the next few days, this weekend may be the perfect opportunity for locals and tourists alike to get out of the house and celebrate the scenic beauty of Portland.

In alphabetical order, here is a list of the top 10 hiking spots within a short driving distance of the Rose City.

Top 10 hiking spots near Portland

1. Angel’s Rest Lookout

A hike at Angel's Rest. (Instagram/Jessicalllauren) KOIN
A hike at Angel’s Rest. (Instagram/Jessicalllauren)
  • Location: Corbett, OR
  • Distance: 4.8 miles
  • Hiking Time: Approximately 3 hours
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Located just off I-84 and Historic Columbia River Highway, the Angel’s Rest Trail offers nearly 360 views of the Columbia River Gorge as a reward for the intense trek. This steep and popular trail is just less than an hour drive from Portland, and although the rocky route is challenging, hikers claim the view is worth it.

2. Multnomah Falls (Columbia River Gorge)

Visitors on a bridge admire the Multnomah Waterfalls, in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area September 26, 2014 in Multnomah Falls, Oregon. (Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images)
  • Location: Corbett, OR
  • Distance: 2.4 miles 
  • Hiking Time: 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderately difficult 

Only a 35-minute drive from Portland, the Multnomah Falls trail offers jaw-dropping views of Oregon’s tallest and most famous waterfall, with three drops including the upper falls, main falls and the lower falls. Located in Corbett just off I-84, the trail is also close to Wahkeena Loop — a challenging, six-mile hike with even more views for waterfall lovers.

3. Marquam Trail to Council Crest Hike

View of Mt. Hood from Council Crest Park
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Distance: 5.8 miles
  • Hiking Time: 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Located within the city limits, the hike from the Marquam Nature Park Shelter Trailhead to the summit of Council Crest offers travelers great views and elevations without the commute. This hike may be best suited for adult travelers though, as there several street crossings along the trail.

4. Mount Tabor Blue Loop Trail

Mt. Tabor Park, foggy morning view. (KOIN)
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Distance: 2 miles
  • Hiking Time: 50 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy

Whether residents are looking to walk or ride through the scenic route, the Mount Tabor Blue Loop is home to three beautiful reservoirs and is a relatively easy option for those looking to get outdoors within the city limits.

5. Pittock Mansion Lower Macleay Park Hike

Portland, Oregon, USA- September 19, 2015: A group of young people takes in the expansive view of downtown Portland from the Pittock Mansion overlook. (Getty Images)
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Distance: 5.5 miles
  • Hiking Time: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate

This popular Portland trail begins at the Lower Macleay Park Trailhead and ends at the historic Pittock Mansion featuring panoramic views of the city and Mt. Hood. The lush and winding route between the two destinations touts the mysterious Stone House, which has become a major draw for tourists.

6. Latourell Falls Loop

The 20 closest Oregon State Parks to Portland
Guy W. Talbot State Park – photo courtesy Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  • Location: Corbett, OR
  • Distance: 2.4 miles
  • Hiking Time:
  • Difficulty: Easy

As one of the closest major Columbia River Gorge waterfalls to Portland, the Latourell Falls Loop is just a short 45-minute drive from the city. Although travelers can see the lower falls near the trailhead entrance, the loop winds up Latourell Creek to reveal the scenic upper falls before traveling back down past the highway bridge and the base of the waterfall.

7. Ramona Falls Loop at Mount Hood

USA, Oregon, Mt Hood National Forest
  • Location: Rhododendron, OR
  • Distance: 7 miles
  • Hiking Time: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate

While the Ramona Falls Trailhead connects hikers to several destinations including the Sandy River, Ramona Falls, and Pacific Crest Trail, these three hikes can be combined to create a loop through the wilderness of Mount Hood. Although the falls are nearly and an hour and a half drive from Portland, most people who travel there say this spot has it all.

8. Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

Tom Dick and Harry Mountain view of Mirror Lake (Courtesy US Forest Service)
  • Location: Government Camp, OR
  • Distance: 9 miles
  • Hiking Time: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Hard

For the most daring and experienced hikers, the journey to Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain via the Mirror Lake Trail features picturesque views of Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens and Mount Jefferson. The challenging hike is extremely popular among backpackers and nature watchers.

9. Trail of Ten Falls, Silver Falls State Park

The 20 closest Oregon State Parks to Portland
Silver Falls State Park – photo courtesy Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  • Location: Mehama, OR
  • Distance: 7.5 miles
  • Hiking Time: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate

As the largest state park in Oregon, Silver Falls State Park offers hikers 10 separate waterfalls to admire over the course of the large loop. Although the hike is beautiful and not over strenuous, travelers should leave their furry four-legged friends at home, as dogs are not permitted.

10. Tryon Creek Outer Loop Hike

Tyron Creek Entrance (Courtesy Oregon State Parks)
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Distance: 5.7 miles
  • Hiking Time: Moderate

Tucked away beneath the brush of the city’s southwest hills, Tryon Creek State Natural Area stretches from Portland to Lake Oswego. While the heavily wooded outer loop is great for hikers, the nature park is also home to 22 other trails which have become popular places for locals to hike, bike, birdwatch and ride horses.