PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A record-breaking snow day in Portland means dangerous road conditions, canceled plans, and of course, sledding.

KOIN 6 asked viewers for their favorite spots to sled in the Greater Portland area. Here are some of their answers, and some other places to hit the city slopes.

Mt. Tabor

Location: SE 60th Ave. and Salmon St., Portland, OR 97215

An obvious choice for snow-day sledding in the Rose City is Mt. Tabor, which Travel Portland says stands at 636 feet tall. Make your way up to the mountain’s summit for the best views, before sledding down the steep hill with family or friends.

Gabriel Park

Location: SW 45th Ave. and Vermont St., Portland, OR 97219

Snowfall in Portland transforms Gabriel Park into a hot spot for sledding. The park has several rolling hills, and a 10,000-square-feet skatepark for more daring sledders.

Skidmore Bluffs

Location: 2206 N Skidmore Ter Portland, OR 97217

Skidmore Bluffs gives Portlanders a beautiful, panoramic view of their city from its steep hilltop. This sledding destination may not be for the faint of heart, or for kids.

Fernhill Park

Location: NE 37th Ave. and Ainsworth St., Portland, OR 97211

According to the City of Portland, Fernhill Park was once a dumping ground for stolen cars before Portland Parks & Recreation revitalized the area and turned it into the outdoor activity space that it is today. The park has a number of hills for sledders regardless of their experience level.

Franklin High School

Location: 5405 SE Woodward St, Portland, OR 97206

One KOIN viewer says Franklin High School is a prime sledding spot. When the Portland metro area saw between 10 and 13 inches of snow in January 2017, dozens of locals gathered behind the school to slide down the hills.

Cathedral Park

Location: N Edison St. and Pittsburg Ave. Portland, OR 97203

Located right under the St. John’s Bridge, Cathedral Park is a great place to grab your sled and have a view of the Willamette River. The North Portland park also has a dog off-leash area if you want your pets to join in on the fun.

Chapman Elementary

Location: 1445 NW 26th Ave., Portland, OR 97210

Not only is Chapman Elementary the place to go for Swift Watch in the fall, but it serves as a great place to hit the hills during a snow day in the winter.

Portland is currently hanging on by a sled, but KOIN 6 will continue to provide weather updates throughout the day.