PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Oregonians making summer travel plans shouldn’t rule out trips to some of the top landmarks in the state. Three Oregon attractions made a list of the 150 best things to do in the USA. 

The list was published by Travel Lemming, an online guide, and said Newport Oregon ranks 44th, the Mount Hood summit ranks 120th and Bend ranks 134th. 

Every year, the list of 150 best things to do in the USA is released to help Americans find unique attractions around the country. 

The article says Newport is the perfect pit stop for anyone making a road trip on the West Coast. The city is known for fishing, its local businesses, marine life, coastal cliff trails and wetland campsites. 

The Mount Hood Summit might be an attraction only skilled mountaineers can visit, but anyone who makes it to the top has the opportunity to take in views across Oregon and Washington from 11,249 feet above sea level. 

Bend was highlighted in the article as a tight-knit community and a place to enjoy outdoor recreation, friendly locals and community events.

“Many believe that international travel is key to experiencing different cuisines, art, history, and ways of life. But each region of the US emanates a unique culture and is rich in new experiences — which are often more economical and easily accessible,” said Abigail Bliss, the editor at Travel Lemming. 

No Oregon attraction made it to Travel Lemming’s top 10 list, but two Washington state attractions did. Leavenworth, the Bavarian-themed town in the Washington Cascades, ranked second and the state capital Olympia ranked 10th.  

The list of activities is based on travelers’ first-hand experiences.