PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – As May marks National Youth Traffic Safety Month, State Farm insurance company is sharing tips for ensuring teens are ready to hit the road for summer.

While some teens may have more freedom and flexibility to drive over summer break, Amy Harris with State Farm, says it’s important for parents to be involved in their teens’ driving.

“Summer is a very busy time, they’re out of school, they’re going to be driving more than when they are in school,” Harris explained — noting parents should go over driving basics including using seat belts, keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road and to avoid distracted driving.

“State Farm did a survey on distracted driving and found that those with less driving experience were more likely to interact with their phone,” Harris said. “Drivers that have been driving less than five years are more likely to be on their phone, including apps, recording videos, watching videos, when you compare that those that have been driving more than 10 years.”

Harris added that parents should encourage teens to keep their phones out of reach while they are driving.

Oregon State Police Captain Kyle Kennedy previously told KOIN 6 News that in the state, “if you are even holding [a cell phone] in your hand and it’s on speakerphone, it’s still in your hand, you’re still using it.”

According to OSP, a first offense for using an electronic device while driving is a B violation with a presumptive $265 fine. If distracted driving leads to a crash on a first infraction, drivers face an A violation with a presumptive fine of $440.

Drivers who are caught a third time for using an electronic device while driving face a B misdemeanor and the lowest fine of $2,000, according to OSP.