PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — While working from home has some benefits, it can be a real challenge finding a quiet place to be productive.

Whether it’s kids, the television being on, a spouse walking through your zoom meeting in their underwear — focusing and being productive are not entirely compatible with the ongoing drumbeat of activity that goes on in a household. There are two solutions: one entails you moving to a quiet outdoor space and the other is moving the noisemakers somewhere out of the house so you can get more done. 

The peace and quiet we’re talking about could come in the form of an 80-square-foot outdoor office built by Outdoor Office of Tualatin

“A couple years ago, we were kind of in a position that a lot of people have kind of been forced into now,” said owner Anthony Taylor-Weber. “We were working from home, working from a kitchen table or a spare bedroom trying to keep the kids quiet during a zoom call.”

Without a place to find quiet in their home, Taylor-Weber and his wife Jaime started their business with an eye toward creating home office space outside the actual house. Because it has no plumbing and is assembled on a gravel pad typically in a back yard, it is quick and easy to put up and it looks great.

The idea of independent work space at home (but not in the home) is following bigger longterm trends in the workplace. 

 “More people have the opportunity, more companies are offering working part time at the office, part time at home,” said Taylor-Weber. “It allows the company to buy lesser square footage for office space because it allows employees to work from home, so it saves the company money.”

If you’d rather keep working from your home, another option is buying from Life in Tents of southeast Portland. They’re accustomed to setting up luxury outdoor living areas for up to 500 people to accommodate remote wedding parties and festivals.

Now the tents are a backyard retreat to work in — or a fun place to send kids to. 

“It’s a nice addition to what we have in the home, but we can also use it for movie night for things that make them feel like oh this is still a special time even though we’re not being able to get out and move about more freely,” said Alice-Kate Lamb of Life In Tents. “We’re still able to appreciate the outdoors right here in our backyard.”

Overall, there are options out there to make your life a little easier — even if you’re working inside a hectic home.