Editor’s note: Details of the allegations in the probable cause affidavits released by court officials may be disturbing to some readers.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — New court documents in the case against an Oregon couple accused of chaining up a child in their house were released by court officials on Monday.

The first probable cause affidavit, which was filed by an officer with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office who was sent to help with the Department of Human Services’ Child Protective Services investigation, states 67-year-old Ana Miranda repeatedly locked up a child she is related to with a chain and two padlocks to prevent the child from taking food and drinks from the kitchen.

The child would be chained to either the kitchen table or in the bathroom, which Miranda admitted to, according to the court documents, which added the child also had food withheld while all the other siblings were treated normally.

The second probable cause document revealed an interview with Miranda’s husband, 74-year-old Charles “Randy” Ward, and states he witnessed the crimes and that he had bought the chain and lock, which Ward claimed was for the fence post in their yard.

However, another witness who was interviewed told authorities that originally, Miranda had used a bike lock, but when the child had figured out the code, she had asked Ward to buy the new chain and two locks from Home Depot, according to the court documents.

The interviewee also said that they witnessed Miranda beat the child on several occasions by beating the child with a belt, scratching the child and pulling the child’s hair, the affidavit stated.

The child had to ask permission to use the bathroom while locked up and when Miranda wasn’t fast enough, the child was forced to urinate on themself on several occasions, according to the court documents.

Miranda said the child would steal things, including “toys from school, and water, candy and soda at night in the house,” according to the court documents.

The court documents stated Miranda admitted to chaining the child up for “one to two hours a day, once or twice a week” for several weeks, but multiple witnesses alleged that the chaining had been going on much longer.

Both Miranda and Ward were set to appear in court on Monday morning and both face charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment.