PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Sherwood Ice Arena is the latest business to announce a permanent closure in the Portland metro area.

In a statement, parent company Oregon Ice Entertainment said Oregon officials “mandated that we close,” and as a result were required to lay off its staff of 17 seven days before Christmas.

“We will therefore not be able to meet our financial obligations, and fully expect this to be the end of any skating activity in the future of Sherwood,” according to the press release for the business.

The announcement of the ice arena’s closure came with an open letter that was addressed to “the powers that be in the State of Oregon Government,” that said they implemented protocols. The letter also claimed the virus that causes COVID-19 cannot survive cold temperatures, which is refuted by the World Health Organization.

The arena “only wanted to provide a safe outlet for a community, that has largely been ignored and forgotten by the State,” the letter continued. “The notice sent to the rink, would be a $70,000 per day fine unless we closed.”