HILLSBORO, Ore. (KOIN) — You might see construction later this month in downtown Hillsboro as a company breaks ground on a new redevelopment project.

Henry Point Development and Redside Development (Stonefly Investors LLC) announced plans last week to rehabilitate and redevelop a 17,000-square-foot former U.S. Bank building located on 2nd and Main Street in Hillsboro, according to the city. Construction on the $8.25 million project could begin this month.

Hillsboro’s website says the company is working to close its purchase of the vacant property that will be home to Ex Novo Brewing Company, Grand Central Bakery, Sizzle Pie and The Sudra.

“The pandemic has showed us the importance of gathering together, and we are very grateful to see this coming in,” said Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway in the announcement. “This project will create even more options for people to choose from in downtown Hillsboro. It also creates one more draw, one more reason for new residents and people throughout the metro area to visit and enjoy walking, shopping, and dining on Hillsboro’s historic Main Street.”

The project will also include a complete renovation of the building’s core and shell, including a 3,000-square-foot all-season rooftop deck with an elevator providing Americans with Disabilities Act access.

People can also expect a large, European-style plaza space in the former drive-through lanes on the south side of the building, added the city.

“We are excited to partner with the city to breathe new life into this prominent building, and to contribute to the ongoing revitalization of downtown Hillsboro,” said Travis Henry, owner of Henry Point Development. “The extensive outdoor spaces that have been proposed, including a large roof deck and plaza space in the former drive-through lanes, would not be viable without the city’s support and are the main reason that we were able to attract such talented and popular tenants to the project.”

The city’s website says that the second phase of the project calls for a future mixed-use development on the adjacent parking lot, featuring approximately 60 apartment units.

Businesses also chimed in on the development.

“We’re so excited to invest in downtown Hillsboro with the opening of our newest bakery & café,” said Grand Central Bakery Chief Executive Officer Claire Randall. “We look forward to our customers gathering inside and out to enjoy our delicious bread, pastries, sandwiches, and coffee.”

Brandon Sharp, the director of operations for Ex Novo Brewing Company, said in the announcement that the brewery is excited to partner up with the tenants, developers and the city to expand dining options and job opportunities in the area.

He added, “Ex Novo’s focus on community drives our interest in pursuing projects where we can work with the local and surrounding communities as they also grow. This project will also allow us to continue to grow our core mission of giving back to local and global communities while providing opportunities and equitable jobs within the service industry.”

The redevelopment, said the city, will complement the Hillsboro Arts & Culture District with murals and artwork that enhance the quality of life and pedestrian experience for everyone.

City officials added that the vacant property was not contributing to the community’s economic vitality.

The announcement noted that the Hillsboro Economic Development Council has previously supported the redevelopment of the site with a predevelopment matching grant of up to $50,000 to assist with site feasibility, design, and due diligence.

The HEDC Council recently approved expanded support totaling $720,000 in urban renewal funds (including the prior $50,000) to assist in the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the building, according to Hillsboro City Hall.

“This is a key public-private partnership between Hillsboro, Stonefly Investors LLC, and the tenants to reimagine a large vacated and underutilized site on a key corner in Historic Downtown Hillsboro,” said Hillsboro Economic and Community Development Director Dan Dias. “This exciting project has the potential to deliver an exciting new amenity to our downtown and provide benefits to our whole community, especially within the broader downtown area.”