PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A driver will not face charges after a deadly crash in Sherwood that killed two young girls in February, the Washington County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Investigators believe the driver lost consciousness at the wheel of his car while driving, causing the car to drift across lanes and hit the girls, who were 11 and 16, before crashing into a tree and a fence.

The girls were hit shortly before 7 p.m. at SW Edy Road and SW Trailblazer Place. Authorities said officers were at the scene within 2 minutes, but despite the best efforts of all the emergency responders who arrived, the pair died at the scene.

While the DA’s office said they could not find a cause for the medical event, investigators said the car showed no evidence of steering or braking. According to authorities, records show the driver was not using his phone at the time.

“While the specific medical condition that caused a lack of consciousness remains unknown, the available evidence does not support criminal charges and points to the conclusion that this is a tragic accident,” the Washington County District Attorney’s Office said.

Six different police agencies were also involved in the investigation.