PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An 88-year-old woman was saved from her burning home in Aloha on Wednesday night.

A house fire was reported in the 18000 block of SW Division Street just before 10 p.m. Officials said an elderly woman who lived inside the house called 911, saying she was trapped inside and could not escape.

The first person to arrive at the scene was Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Joshua Friant. Knowing the woman was trapped inside, he called out to her and she responded, saying she needed help getting out. Friant then crawled inside through the smoke until he found the woman sitting at a table — unable to move without her walker.

Friant helped the woman to the ground and escorted her through the smoke-filled house until they reached outside.

Additional deputies and fire crews soon arrived to battled down the flames and give the woman medical aid. She was taken to the hospital and is reportedly in good condition.

Fire officials believe the flames first sparked in the kitchen. An investigation will continue to confirm the cause.